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The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is a human assessment tool that objectively measures your natural abilities by asking you to perform specific tasks or exercises. As part of the Highlands Whole Person Model, the HAB is the foundation and starting point to identify the career best suited for you.

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Who I Can Help.


Beginning at age 16 looking for help determining a college. Students in college narrowing their focus to a major or find internships/jobs. 


Graduates looking for jobs. Those looking to understand how and with whom they work best, gain clarity on their ideal work environment. People changing careers. People who have reached a burn-out phase and want help navigating that. People who are re-entering the work-force, or considering new endeavors. 


Developing self-knowledge to prepare for a new level of tasks/delegation, team-work, company structure. Aligning yourself and your employees where they excel to produce greater fulfillment and results. 


 A career assessment made up of 19 timed exercies that reveal on performance not perception, giving your clients a solid foundation for lifelong consideration of career options.


Every Highlands Consultant receives 40+ hours of training to provide a unique human assessment tool and an incredibly thorough and often life-changing debrief.



Established in 1992, The Highlands Co. has certified hundreds of career professionals around the globe in the administration of the HAB and Whole Person Model and provides ongoing training within a vibrant community


The HAB is based on a century of research conducted by Johnson O'Connor. The results provide career confidence for every client as it has for the tens of thousands of HAB takers before them.