Ready To Take The Test? 


Step 1: 

The HAB is an online, self-paced, 3 hour assessment. You can break it up into shorter sessions or complete it all at once. Contact Me and I will get you set up with a link to take the test. 


Step 2: 

Once completed, we will schedule a Debrief session (typically 2 hours) and go over your results, customized reports, analyses in depth. You will also received 30+ pages of reports & resources you can refer to. Click here to schedule your debrief.

Step 3:

30 Minute Optional Follow Up for additional questions or information.

The Value.


The Highlands Method facilitates awareness of natural talents. It is the most powerful piece of self-knowledge available to create one’s personal vision for success and satisfaction in work and life. 


For that reason, people are most fulfilled in their careers when they find an environment that allows them to work primarily with their gifts and their natural talents. 


Career Assessment and The Highlands Whole Person Method (Explainer Video)